Matt McPherson of Mathews, Inc.

Integrity, Innovation, Impact

By Michaelean Pike

Many companies today espouse various corporate values. Some companies value creativity, some pride themselves on their adaptability and some promote honesty above all else.

Of course, developing a set of corporate values is fairly easy. Maintaining those values—especially in the face of an uncertain or downright bleak economic climate—is another thing altogether.

So you can’t blame companies for losing sight of their stated values. A company that puts customer service above everything else might have to cut a few corners in that area to boost profitability. And a company that claims its employees are its most important asset may have to cutemployee benefits just to survive. But that’s certainly understandable. When you’re running a business, you sometimes need to make sacrifices. Those carefully worded values may feel warm and fuzzy, but clinging to them too tightly can just drag a business down.

Or so we think—incorrectly, as it turns out. In our own industry, we have an example of a company that is succeeding because of—not despite—its core values. That company is Mathews, Inc., and its core values of integrity, innovation and impact have been driving the company’s success for 20 years.

Mathews’ founder and CEO Matt McPherson has been shooting bows since he was a child.

“My father was a small town preacher and he was looking for ways to save money,” McPherson recalls. “He decided that he was going to hunt deer to get some meat for the table. But my mother was petrified of guns and worried that he could get hurt. So my father went out and bought a bow. Not long after he got kid bows for my brother Randy and me. We absolutely fell in love with bows.

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